Gist Virtual Mentorship




Gist Virtual Arts program - A 30-day course in CAD Arts!

Core principles

This mentorship-style course is created for the individual who wants a no-fluff approach to refining their core skills in goal. This course is multi-tracked meaning the applicant can select their own individual style of development while having a clear long-term agenda in focus. This course is completely virtual and integrates all current workflow techniques and relative industry practices as applicable to your learning objectives. Transparency brevity and measurable outcomes are a few of the core principles in this course. In summary, students shall graduate from this program with a confident portfolio and technical understanding of a myriad of tools, software knowledge, and the ability to visually and verbally explain their work as well. Above all this program is aimed at helping the creative person find a clear pathway toward their industry, and or personal artistic fulfillment. 

-A plan for innovation:

Project-based learning:

Multi-track development: 

Tailored lesson plans:

Teaching modalities for adjuncts

Course topics: