• Character Artist
    Heroic Games
    May 2017 – Present (4 yrs 5 mos)
    I am a Character production artist currently working for Heroic Games on Ship of Heroes, a MMO RPG in the spirit of the classic city of Heroes series.

  • Company Founder
    Skelly Crude LLC
    Dec 2013 – Present (7 yrs 10 mos)
    Skelly Crude is an independent game development company currently in development on our first IP

  • Chair of Game design at the Cleveland Institute of Art
    Cleveland Institute of Art
    Jul 2016 – Dec 2020 (4 yrs 6 mos)
    Lecturing and attributing to growth in all areas of game production and entrepreneurial development.

  • Character Production specialist
    Springboard Productions, Inc / Mocap Militia
    Sep 2017 – Oct 2017 (2 mos)
    Character production specialist cleaning up scan data creating real PBR shaders and game engine solutions for VR and real-time application.

  • Game Artist & Design instructor
    Media Design School
    Jul 2014 – Jul 2016 (2 yrs 1 mo)
    Teaching and guiding our international students in all aspects of modeling, texturing, designing and conceptualizing, their unique game concepts.

  • Character texturing and Shader creation for games
    Apr 2015 – Jun 2015 (3 mos)
    Created a series that introduce young and seasoned artist alike to a texturing and shading workflow for realtime and cinematic development using UE4 Substance painter,and Maya.

  • Freelance Contract Character artist
    Project Paragon
    Feb 2015 – Mar 2015 (2 mos)
    contracted as a freelance character artist for client project titled " Paragon " where I created various 3D character models and revised concept art.

  • freelance character modeler
    project Paragon
    Jun 2014 – Jul 2014 (2 mos)
    I created a high resolution 3D characters and animation ready meshes for the main character of a clients ( Mark Williams, and his staff ) ongoing series titled " Paragon"

  • Freelance Character concept art
    Jun 2014 – Jul 2014 (2 mos)
    I collaborated with my fellow artist Ricardo Brown to create character ideation of the main protagonist for a side scroller gamed titled "Iolanthe" Our client was James Grieco.

  • Associate Course Director for Animation and Preproduction ( ANP)
    Full Sail University
    Feb 2011 – Jun 2014 (3 yrs 5 mos)

  • Contract freelance Character artist
    Jul 2012 – Sep 2012 (3 mos)
    freelance contract character artist for Cloak works inc.

  • Contract illustrator
    Mar 2012 – Apr 2012 (2 mos)
    I created unique interiors, and characters designs for Games publisher Jogonaut and their browser biased game series.

  • Freelance character artist
    Feb 2012 – Mar 2012 (2 mos)
    created high and mid rez character modeling and texturing and rigging a AA game production studio .

  • Freelance Character Artist
    WF Revolution
    Jul 2010 – Mar 2011 (9 mos)
    Created 3D character modeling, textures, and rigging for the indie game development company " WF Revolution" ( weapons factory revolution) and their constituents..

  • Freelance Character and production Artist, with Exis Interactive
    Sep 2010 – Jan 2011 (5 mos)
    Freelance production artist, with Working on various AAA game content. I created high res character models for Day1 studios while contracted with Exis on the F.E.A.R 3 title for the PC, playstation, and Xbox 360

  • character artist
    Apr 2010 – Jan 2011 (10 mos)
    Exis Interactive, Client: Day1Studios on F.E.A.R. 3 As well as assisting with general marketing and art direction.

  • Associate Instructor for ( CDC) Character Design & creation at Fullsail University
    Full Sail University
    Apr 2008 – Sep 2010 (2 yrs 6 mos)
    Teaching the students the fundamentals of proper edge flow for organic modeling while melding every principle around the foundations of human anatomy.I also freelance as a contract production artist and have recently partnered with the Liquid development.

  • Featured Artist
    PixelArts Magazine
    Oct 2009 – Dec 2009 (3 mos)
    Created tutorials and showcased work for the online arts magazine; FEB 10th 2010 ISSUE, 18th publication.

  • Freelance Character Artist
    Mar 2008 – May 2008 (3 mos)
    Created High Resolution Concept Character Logo for Promotional campaign

  • Character Modeler
    Electronic Arts (EA)
    May 2006 – Mar 2008 (1 yr 11 mos)
    Texturing, Modeling, Sculpting and Resurfacing Digital Scan Data NFL Tour and NFL Head Coach Updated production pipeline with new texture maps. Created visual targets and concept work for NFL Tour and Street 3 for PSP